Kindergarten Hosted Staff Appreciation Breakfast Wednesday 5/20

staff appreciation breakfast

Each grade has one opportunity to host a special breakfast for our ACS Teachers and Staff in the 2014/2015 school year. The Kindergarten’s turn is this Wednesday May 20, 2015!

If you need some volunteer hours, this is a great way to get them in and do something nice for our amazing ACS staff that they REALLY enjoy and appreciate. Any time spent shopping, preparing and bringing your item to ACS counts toward your volunteer hours!  To sign up, please click here

It is VERY important to have food to ACS before 7:30 am to give the teachers time to eat before they have to be in their classrooms. We try to have enough to feed 75 teachers/staff. **Please try to use disposable serving dishes. Include any recipes you can. The teachers would love to know how to make your delicious creations!

For any questions, please contact Jeannie Reddan at
Thank you for your continued support and dedication!

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