Boot Camp 2015 Registration Info

Welcome Back Parents!   Academy Charter PTO is proud to announce that we will be holding Boot Camp again this year for our Fall Fundraiser on October 1.   We have fine tuned the program and improved the course.  This year each student will be able to set their own monetary goal and can climb the prize ladder as they reach higher goals.  The course will be fun but make you sweat!

WHAT IS BOOT CAMP?  Boot Camp is an obstacle course set up on the school field where students will have the opportunity to challenge themselves with over 40 obstacles.  New obstacles will be added this year, and many favorites will return, including the rope wall and wall climbs. The course will be modified throughout the day based on the grade level – easiest for Kindergarten and increasing in difficulty as the students get older.  It will be fun for all ages and abilities!

In addition, three mini-camps will be held in August and September.  The first will be held on August 3-4 during Registration and the other two will take place on August 25 and September 17.

Only those students who have registered may participate in any of the mini-camps or Boot Camp. 

HOW DO I REGISTER MY CHILD(REN)?  Registration is now open!  To register your student(s), please visit  Each student that wants to participate must be registered through this website.   Registration is $30/student and includes a t-shirt (which is ACS SPIRIT WEAR approved), entrance into the mini-camps and participation in Boot Camp on October 1.

We will have computers available at Registration on August 3 & 4 to help you register your students for Boot Camp.  Once your student has registered, he/she may participate in the mini-camp that day.

Remember to register early because each mini-camp comes with a prize!

CAN PARENTS PARTICIPATE?  Yes you can!  We strongly encourage parents and other family members to participate in Boot Camp on October 1.  The course is fun and challenging for all ages.  Simply visit and register as an adult.  The cost is a flat fee of $15, t-shirt not included.

Keep watching for more information about Boot Camp.  The PTO thanks you for your support, and remember that no donation is too small!  Any questions please email us at


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