Calling All Grocery Shoppers! VIP Parking Contest Alert!

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​Reloadable Grocery Cards

Calling all grocery shoppers! Did you know that you can purchase gas with your Reloadable Grocery Cards at the Loaf N Jug near the Outlets and at Safeway? You can!

You can also reload the King Soopers Cards at the Loaf N Jug and use it to purchase items in their store.

Load your King Soopers and Safeway Reloadable Grocery Cards today!

Don’t have a Reloadable Grocery Card? Pick one up at the ACS front office for $5. The cards come preloaded with $5, so essentially they are free!

CONTEST ALERT: Would you like to park in one of the PTO VIP parking spots this fall? Load your King Soopers gift card between now and mid-September to be entered into a drawing for one of those coveted spots! Five percent of your purchase comes back to ACS. The winner will be announced the week of September 21st. The VIP parking spot will be yours until November 6th! 6 weeks of VIP parking!

For any questions, please contact Jeannie Reddan at

Thank you for your continued support and dedication!




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