About the ACS PTO

Welcome to the ACS PTO Fundraising Event Page!  Please bookmark this site, or follow us for up to date PTO Fundraising info.  This page is created and managed solely by the ACS PTO Team.  Thank you for stopping by!

ACS PTO Mission Statement

 The mission of the ACS PTO is to align resources with the vision and direction of the school to enrich the learning environment while empowering parents, teachers and students for success.  The PTO’s main role is to supplement the school’s budget through various fundraising efforts while maintaining and encouraging community spirit.

ACS PTO Vision Statement

Our desire as a PTO is to exemplify integrity, teamwork and community while fostering productive, healthy partnerships with staff, teachers and administration.  We will conduct ourselves with humble, positive attitudes, following our approved code of ethics, as we create and maintain relationships honorably and professionally within the school.  The PTO is committed to students, parents and teachers and will represent itself in a respectful manner at all times.

Description of the ACS PTO

Members of the PTO are comprised of families and staff members who are associated with ACS. All families and staff members are encouraged to participate in PTO activities throughout the year, even if unable to attend the General Meetings. The PTO Board members represent the membership of the school. This Board is composed of PTO members who are elected to Board positions in April. The Board meets 10 times throughout the school year; and Board members, along with other appointed PTO members, manage the organizational and financial aspects of all the PTO functions.

The PTO operates on an annual budget, which is approved by a PTO Parent membership vote in September at the General Budget Meeting.  Parents attending the PTO General meetings have voting privileges, but are not considered members of the PTO. The money used to sponsor PTO activities is raised through PTO annual fundraising events.  The PTO follows the approved Bylaws and Guidelines & Procedures as adopted by the ACS PTO.


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