ACS Staff Social Calendar

Social Calendar for ACS Staff 2017-2018

1st & 2nd graders Hosted Breakfast

Wednesday March 14, 2018.
If you are in need of volunteer hours, this is a great way to get them in and do something nice for our amazing ACS staff!  They REALLY enjoy and appreciate it. Any time spent shopping, preparing and bringing your item to ACS counts toward your volunteer hours, as well as 1 hour for every $10 spent on items for the event.

It is VERY important to have your donations delivered to ACS before 7:30 am to give the teachers time to eat before they start their day. We try to have enough to feed 75 teachers/staff.

**Please be sure to use disposable serving dishes. Include any recipes you can. The teachers would love to know how to make your delicious creations!

For any questions, please contact the ACS Social Committee at 

Staff Appreciation Week

The Social Committee has started planning Staff Appreciation Week (SAW) for our wonderful staff at ACS.  SAW will be held the week of May 7th – May 11th.  Our theme this year will be the “ACS Walk of Fame”…think Hollywood!

Please sign up to donate items or help with this event.

We are working on gifts that will be handed out to staff during SAW.  We are needing your help to accomplish this by donating items and helping us put together gifts. This is an easy and fun way to earn volunteer hours.  Remember, all of your time spent shopping or putting gifts together can be counted towards volunteer hours, as well as, 1 hour for every $10 you spend.


Coming soon….
Apr. 11 – Yogurt Parfait Bar
May 9 – Kindergarten Hosted Breakfast
May 7-11 – Staff Appreciation Week (SAW)