Welcome back to school! The first few weeks have been off to a great start! Please check out all of the links above to find out more about our PTO, how you can help us fund raise, and more!

Check back frequently for updates!

Our 1st Spirit Night at Cafe Rio was a success! Cafe Rio gave back ACS 20% of its ACS sales that day, just over $284! THANK YOU for stopping by!

Our Fall Fundraiser “It’s a Slam Dunk” has been revealed!  Check the 2016 Fall Fundraiser tab at the top of the page for more info!

Remember to donate your outgrown uniforms to our bin at the front of the school. We hold 4 used uniform sales a year to help raise money for ACS!

Our next PTO Dress of Choice Day is September 16th! The cost is $2 per child!

The first PTO meeting of the year will be held on September 27, 2016 at 6:00 pm at ACS- Middle School Science.  Please join us! Free childcare is available!

Thank you for your support!


Use Amazon Smile for all of your Amazon purchases!


AMAZON SMILE! Start all of your Amazon shopping here!

The PTO has also partnered with AmazonSmile! When you access Amazon through the special ACS PTO link and make a purchase, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to ACS.

It’s so easy to help earn extra money for our school! Simply shop Amazon through our special ACS PTO link, select ACS as your charitable organization, and let Amazon do the rest. You will be earning money for ACS just by shopping at Amazon for your regular needs. Click here for our special ACS PTO shopping link: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/84-1265867. Please bookmark this link and start here for your entire Amazon shopping needs. Or if you are using the search function, be sure to search for Academy Charter PTO and select us as your charitable organization of choice.

In just 1 year, ACS has earned over $130 just by starting all of your Amazon shopping at http://smile.amazon.com/ch/84-1265867!

Thank you for your continued support and dedication!

Thank you ACS Families!


ACS Families,

Thank you ever so much for all of your help and support during the Fall Festival. It proved to be a success and everyone seemed to have a great time!
Thank you to everyone who donated supplies and items needed. And, thank you to all of our volunteers who helped before, during and after. We could not have done this without you!
A special thank you goes to all the Middle School students who helped with the Trick or Treat Street. They did an amazing job decorating and handing out treats!
Also, thank you to the Reimer family for securing donated outside lights to help light the field. And thank you to Steph Biermann for donating her time to take pictures of families at the photo booth (sweetgreenphotography.com).

We hope that you all enjoyed this community event!  With your help, we were able to not only cover our expenses but we made an additional $1414.54.  So, thank you for making this a successful event!

Thank you for your continued support and dedication!



ACS is now partnering with Shoparoo-Join TODAY!‏


This year we are excited to be partnering with a fun, free, and truly easy fundraiser called Shoparoo! Schools nationwide are already earning hundreds and even thousands every year through Shoparoo and it’s a great opportunity for us to really make a difference this year!

Shoparoo is school fundraising made easy: the free app turns pictures of your everyday shopping receipts into cash donations and sweepstakes entries for our school! Yep, it’s that simple. No more cutting labels, selling door to door, or time-consuming coordinating. All you have to do is shop as you normally do, snap pictures of your receipts with the app, and voila…Just shop, snap, earn!

Get started today:

1. Download the free Shoparoo app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

2. Select our school from the list and start taking pictures of your receipts – shop anywhere, buy anything!

3. The first 20 supporters at our school will earn an extra $1 donation from Shoparoo for their first receipt!

4. Earn even more Roo Points, or cash donations, by inviting others to join using your personal referral code

5. You can even select a grade to support and have fun with grade competitions!

There’s no limit to how much money we can raise with Shoparoo – the more supporters, the more we will raise for our school. Schools with just 40 supporters are earning an average of $1,000 every year. That’s free, easy money that we could be fundraising too. Check out shoparoo.com to learn more about this awesome app!

We currently have only 5 supporters and they have already earned the school nearly $10 in the last few weeks. Imagine what we could do with all of ACS supporting this cause!

What is Shoparoo?

Shoparoo is the most hassle-free school fundraiser around. Forget cutting labels or selling door to door to earn much needed money for school. Shoparoo is a free app for iOS and Android phones that allows anyone and everyone to take pictures of their shopping receipts to earn cash donations for the school of their choice!

Both rewarding and easy, tens of thousands of schools across the country are using Shoparoo to pay for new supplies, classroom and playground enhancements, field trips, tuition assistance and much more. There is no registration required, and no set up process – anyone can raise money for any school. Just take a few moments to snap a picture of your grocery receipt on your smartphone, and voila – you’ve made an instant cash donation! You can also take pictures of your non-grocery receipts (like clothing stores, electronics stores, restaurants, home improvement stores, and more) for entries into Shoparoo’s $1,000 and $15,000 sweepstakes. Parents, teachers and other supporters love Shoparoo because:

  • No coordinating is required
  • Parents don’t have to buy anything they wouldn’t normally buy
  • The app makes earning money extremely easy and quick
  • Grade competitions make fundraising fun for both students and parents

Where does the donation money come from?

We are former teachers and retail industry executives who have found a novel way of matching schools’ needs for financial support with major consumer brands needs for market research. Your receipt data along with the answers you provide to optional surveys is made anonymous and summarized in market research reports that brands purchase. For example, these companies pay for information such as, “Families in the Phoenix area are 20% more likely than the rest of the country to shop for laundry detergent at a supercenter than a traditional grocery store.” You can always rest assured that all research data is anonymous.

Please contact the Jeannie Reddan at txreddan@msn.com with any questions.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication!


Sign Up to provide a Meal for our Teachers during Teacher Conferences next week!‏

pot luck dinner
Teacher Conferences are next Wednesday and Thursday, 9/23 and 9/24.
This is a VERY long day for teachers…over 12 hours!
Each year, the PTO hosts Pot Luck dinners to alleviate some of the stress of the day for our teachers.  Please join us in providing a delicious dinner for our ACS Teachers!
If you would like to help provide something for either or both dates, please click the link below to register.  Any time spent shopping, preparing, cooking and delivering your items count towards your volunteer hours.  You may also record 30 minutes of volunteer time for each store bought item or group of items.  This is an easy and very rewarding way to earn volunteer time.
All food needs to be to ACS no later than 5:30pm on both days.
You may also drop it off in the Cafeteria during PM Carpool on 9/23 or 9/24.
We will have an area reserved in the back of the Cafeteria near the Kitchen for all Pot Luck items.  Please try to use disposable pans whenever possible, or be sure to label your items for return.  Please include recipes when you can. This helps when dealing with food allergies.
For any questions, please contact Kimberly Bockman at kimberly_atwood@yahoo.com.
Thank you for your continued support and dedication!

Chipotle Scrip Cards to be Sold during PM Carpool TODAY and TOMORROW, 9/14 and 9/15‏

scrip 2 cards
Our ACS Chipotle Spirit Night is TOMORROW Tuesday 9/15 from 4-8pm.  This is our BIGGEST Spirit Night of the Year as Chipotle donates 50% of every ACS sale back to our school!
Before you go, purchase your Chipotle Scrip cards through the PTO during PM Carpool TODAY and TOMORROW (9/14 and 9/15), or log onto https://www.shopwithscrip.com and use the Enrollment Code: 5882A46242211 to download your Chipotle ScripNow certificates.  
For every Chipotle Scrip card or ScripNow certificate purchased, ACS receives an additional10% back!  Use it to purchase your dinner during the ACS Spirit Night or save it for a later date.
The cards are $10 each and we have 30 to sell.
Hurry and get yours TODAY!
Thank you for your continued support and dedication!